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The Post 2017

The Post 2017

Totanie, comprising four presidents, encourages the first publisher of the newspaper and hard disk publisher to take part in an unprecedented fight between the press and the government. When American military analyst Daniel Ellsberg discovered he did not like the US government’s decision to use the Vietnam War without help, he took steps by copying a secret document that became a Pentagon document. After that, the owner of the Washington Post, Kay Graham, is still adapting his own to take over this.The final interest of her husband when editor Ben Bradlee found the New York Times, which led him to explode on paper. Determined to compete, the Post journalist found Ellsberg himself and a complete copy of the work. However, the plan for publishing information about the results is threatened by a federal arrest warrant that may burden all controversies. Now, Kay Graham must decide whether to abandon the security of his letter to take off and fight for freedom of race. So Grahamand his employees are united in a struggle that will balance the ideals of American democracy.

1920, rural Ireland. The Irish twins Anglo Rachel and Edward share a strange existence in the home of their ruined family. Every night, the property becomes the domain of a terrifying presence (. Foxtrot 2017 license

See the full summary of the 1920s, Irish landscapes. The Irish twin Anglo Rachele Edward has a weird life in the homes of his ruined family. Every night the property becomesa frightened area of ​​Lodgers, who imposes three principles on the twins: they must lie in bed until midnight; They can not allow strangers to cross the threshold; If someone tries to escape, the lives of other people are at stake. When restless veteran Sean returns to the nearest village, he immediately attracts Rachelmisterioso, who in turn began to break the rules laid down by the Lodgers. The consequences make Rachel a mortal confrontation with her sister with a curse,which amazes them.