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12 Strong 2018 DVDRip-AVC yify Torrent

12 Strong 2018

12 Strong 2018

12 Strong Synopsis is not available.

The language is English

Subtitles: After

Classification: N.

General Date: January 18, 2018

Genre: Drama / War

Duration: not available

Distributor: TGV images, square frames

Cast: Chris Hemsvorth, Michael Schenon, Michael Penja Navid Negaban, Trevant Rhodes, Elzamelas

Director:Nikola Fuglsai

Classification: 2D

12 A powerful story of the first special forces, which began after 9/11 in Afghanistan; under the leadership of the new owner, the team has to work with the Afghan masters of the war to overthrow the Taliban. the true story of the Armi Special Forces “Green Berets”, who respondeda few weeks before the attack on 9-11. The Green Berets and AFSOC are on the ground and set up other special forces and the rest of the conventional army that is able to go to war more publicly available.

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