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Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 torrent download

Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20

Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20

Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Celebration

Genre: Action, Adventure

Developer: Cristal Dinamics

Publisher: Skuare Enik

Publication date: October 12, 2016

About this game:

After the death of his father he asked the owner of the castle Laras Oom Croft. Lara has to explore her home in childhood in a new story about blood links, to find the family of secrets to restore heredity and permanently change her life. Dead hordes Laras Nagmerrie overflow castle CroftLara mustdefend! Blood slogans include more than an hour of stories about stories, as well as challenges that challenge friends are, made combos Laras Nightmare. This package contains five classic Lara Croft leather, Tomb Raider III-inspired clothing and weapons, and a new set of problems for Ektreme Survivor for the main campaign. More than the time of a new story, fightersDonnable fashion, classic leather, clothes and new weapons and new issues. This is the perfect way to get the 20 year old Lara Croft iconto celebrate.

DLC includes:

Aba Iaga: The wizard of the temple

Cold darkness wakes up


Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Celebration

Resistant shape

Sparrow Pak

Hope’s Bastion Pack

A tactical survival package

APEKPredator Pack

Vilderness Survivor

Siberian Ranger

Antique avant-garde

Prophet Heritage

After download:

– open +, (executable file)

choose the location,

– Click Install,

– Wait until you wait.

– Play shortcuts on the desk

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