Seeds 25 Peers 49 Health

Maze Runner: The Death Cure 2017 Free Torrent

Maze Runner: The Death Cure 2017

Maze Runner: The Death Cure 2017

KifoKUWICKED took Thomas’s life, memories and friends: Player Maze. But ultimately, it will be according to one final test. Evil does not know what Thomas recalls more than they know and do not believe what they say. Thomas effect Maze. He survived Now it goes on a mission to find a deadly disease called «Flare».

Language: English

Topic: No

Classification: NO

Release Date January 25, 2018

Type: Scientific Fiction

During the race: Not available

DistributorsCentury20 Fox

Main parts: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Sangster, Ki Hong Lee, Patricia Clarkson, Dexter Darden

director: UES Boll

Manufacturer: 2D

The young hero, Thomas starts working to find a healing for this disease, called Flare. At the end of the saga of Epic Maze Rhedwr, Thomas is leading a band of Gladers travel on his last mission, and remains the risk.
Rebel in the Rye 2017 To save his friends, you must indicate the middle of the end of history, a limited maze of CKD, which can turngorshzaidimaze all.
Anyone who makes it live will find answers to the questions asked the fans, as they reach the labyrinth. Will Thomas and the staff make it out alive? Or will Ava Paige get her way?